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Woman, her career & other things.

As an adult child of the early-mid '20s(not supposed to know on which group I'm more suitable), I almost can feel the pressure on the air. And it's definitely greater than the regular atmospheric pressure.

In our genre, a woman( sometimes a girl) has to be either of these two types -
one is the brilliant star kid who always comes first (because she has to be way ahead of Sharma Ji ki ladki) in the class or the other homely type who has specialized in household works (or more precisely the winner and the looser).
sometimes these two types get overlapped in people's expectations(for better!!)

These days  I get to see a majority of women are interested or even doing higher studies, but they're not interested (or sometimes allowed ) to be financially free (no offence!).

I can't remember how many times girls my age are being asked to do a masters maybe just to tell people that they're doing it(and probably that higher the chances of coming "rastas").

 I mean higher studies, getting degrees n' all are pretty good and important but what is the point of doing all these just to get a ticket to a  become successfully married wife who cannot or sometimes should not go outside and earn for her own self.

I can feel if mothers who are despite being a working woman can think this thought then it is inexplicable to those whose mothers are not.

I have never agreed to this ideology and not going to in my uncertain ( almost no) future.

I hate when people associate a higher degree to more efficient marriage proposals, I mean what's that? Sometimes I  caught people in the middle of conversations who are looking for an educated bride but could not afford to allow them to do a job or like have a career.

And a huge number of women supporting and even indulging this rather classic idea to others is the worst nightmare I could ever imagine for myself and others.

                                           As a part of this society, we are brought up to the idea of respecting degrees more than having an actual job. Maybe that is why a woman working her ass off who comes home late is more hated and judged than a woman who is just a   married housewife with a scholar degree. 
And maybe that is why too we are taught to respect an MA housewife than an air Hostess or a model or even an IT employee.

Why is it always that a woman has to choose between having a career or having a family? why just we can't do and design our own lives and in our own time to have both? 

We need to ask more about this until and unless society changes its mentality and let us just be ourselves, but that has a long, long way to go. 😁


Khamkheyali said…
Dude! What you are saying is absolutely right... But such things won't go away just like that.. India is a developing country needless to say our gen is suffering the most. Girls need to speak for themselves, in most cases girls are fighting for their cause but parents they just don't get it. Even an early job or good placement doesn't suffice for not getting married.. Sad truth.. Yeah.
Yeah you are absolutely right and this is why I wrote the entire thing . Somebody should at least speak out about these things publicly or else all the struggles they are dealing with would get unnoticed, I just wanted to gave a voice to the cause and that's it. Thank you for your feedback :)
okay , whoever are you, thanks :)

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