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A Love Letter Worth Reading for, on This Valentine's Day

          Image result for self love                                                                                                                                                                            Valentine's Day, 2020

Dear Better half,
            Is it too late? Or, we still have some time buddy? I thought you should know that you've done a pretty wonderful job, coming all this way! Even if the time would tell you that, you've hated yourself for several reasons. Remember it was one of those overcasting shadows, following you all you being?  And you were still running an excelling way to put on that smile, each departing day. Are you happy now? You know, you should be. Don't be hard on yourself, all the time. It's not even worth your precious time. The world has already taken you aback zillions of times. Backstabbers, wrong mates, social obligation, chaos on the outside chaos within. You've truly witnessed it all. Maybe, hard times come as a lesson that you gotta hold on miss! a little more, a little stronger. Now, you've figured it all out. It was meant to be, isn't it?  It made you whoever you are, now.

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Still, there are a lot of experiences and longer miles awaiting for you, in the coming time. Loving yourself doesn't come always easy. I think that's the hardest part of living our lives as an individual being. Lucky are those, who are born with that kind of strength. To stand by your side, even on the days you won't be looking at yourself in the mirror. That deserves a round of applauds. You are living in a world, where Instagram validation is seen as self-love.  It took you a long-drawn time, to see the actual meaning of it. It is not wrong, it is actually necessary. You have hurt yourself, more than ever by pushing people out of your life. But, people who should be around you, ended up being in the right place and at the right time. Your overwhelming consciousness has driven you to painful madness, in the wicked days. But, in the meantime, you've learned to take that down as well. Fighting your demons within takes a lot more courage, rather than fighting monsters of the outside world. Life's not always fair, it's kind of intimidating watching others go it in a swift. 
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This new generation, where social media rules, it has certainly become so hard to see beyond the pixels. It's now even more difficult to contemplate what you're actually feeling. There are only a few trustworthy people left, I guess. But you're blessed with a bunch of them. Never hesitate to show life, the gratitude that it deserves. Positivity is all that you need to get on with the complications. Don't put people in a position that, they might end up at a greater distance from you. Congrats to you for making it through a much of hassles, towards the journey of becoming a better version of you. You and I both know how much you've lost, to be in a spot like this. Never lose yourself, ever again. Because every time you do that, it takes a lot of setbacks to finally make a comeback. Now, that you're are aware of what self-love isyou better start doing that for yourself. You are the single, most significant person to be with yourself, for the rest of your life. Be kind to yourself, before being kind to any of those things that, the living offers you.
                                                                                 Yours truly,
                                                                              Forever, Valentine.



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