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3 of the Significant Lessons from Japanese Culture That Mesmerizes Us

I was wandering through the Internet, Amazon specifically, for finding self-help books to read and get over myself. When I came across this little book called 'ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life'. As I'm always have been a little enthusiastic about Japanese culture, I gave it a shot. Turned out to be one of the best purchases of my life. No, I'm not here for imparting wisdom. I have perceived the 5 life lessons practised by Japanese people, especially by the centenarians living in Okinawa island. Here, without any further ado, let's dive into directly, what I've learnt so far, and what we should all be practising, even a little bit.

Wabi-Sabi (侘寂): The Beauty of Imperfection

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This specific concept is entirely based on the imperfections of things, and the beauty lies with it. It tells us about the impermanence and everchanging nature of life. Thus, people living in Japan emphasize placing value to even the smallest of things, imperfect things. According to this very notion, only something incomplete and incompetent can be the form of true beauty. Because, they are resembling the true nature of this world, hoe nature intended it to be.

Ikigai ((生き甲斐): The Purpose of Life

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Among all the lessons that Japanese culture has taught us, this is the most sought after. This concept says that we all do have our individual ikigai, we only have to find it. The Okinawa people have a belief, that this is the same thing that makes us get out of bed, every single day. Another marvellous thing about Japanese people, most of them don't get retirement! People usually try their best to remain active for their entire life. Ikigai has the simplest meaning which states that it is the state of being. This adds a sense of meaning and satisfaction with our own lives.

Hara Hachi Bu ((腹八分目): The 80:20 Rule

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This one's come as one of the mandatory practices, for people of Okinawa. It is about food eating habits. What they do, is stop eating when they start to feel full (that's80 per cent). It calls for more mindful eating, and one of the easiest things they do in their daily routine. The idea is actually to still be a little hungry when we're finishing our meal. This also explains the small portion sized foods served in Japanese restaurants.

I cannot say that I always abide by these rules, but I'm trying my best. I'm not expecting to entirely change my life, but a little added meaning and serenity won't hurt. The resilence and putting cent per cent efforts in everything these what make me to applaud Japanese culture. Maybe there will be someday after this madness ends I get to see them with my own eyes.

Thank you for the read! :)


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